Here's Why You Need Sunscreen
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Black Don’t Crack, but Here’s Why You Need Sunscreen

Yes, sunscreen mentality has gotten a Nigerian passport and in fact, a passport to all other 53 nations in Africa and is now here for good. While our dear black skin has proven to be resilient and sworn enemies to looking its age or like what we’ve been through, sunscreen has been revealed to be essential and is not just ‘for oyinbo people’.

Why Do We Need Sunscreen? Read Below to Find Out

1. Protection from Deadly Sunrays

Well, duh. Have you felt the sun’s heat these days? It’s like Daenarys ascended to that orb and keeps saying to it; ‘dracrys.’

The ozone layer is depleting and with this comes more exposure to sun rays and cancer-causing radiation.

What’s more? Skin cancer is very real and doesn’t have shame as it affects all skin types and people of all ages. It is also on the rise due to increase in ultraviolet exposure from the sun.

Don’t go and use ‘black don’t crack’ mentality to gba penalty lo throw-in o.

2. Sunscreen Keeps You Looking Young

Overtime, exposure to sun rays actually tell tales of wrinkles and age spots that can make you look prematurely older. Yes, we’re set awon skin popping geng, blessed with melanin and good skin but even blessings need boosters.  Sunscreen is that booster.

3. For popping skin

Oh, you didn’t know that sunscreen has properties that helps with and fights against skin discolouration, black spots and scars? Haq haq haq, you donno whaiz going on.

So, next time you’re shopping for your cosmetic products, make sure to get sunscreen and don’t invest in your slay backwards.

4. The ozone Layer is Depleting

Doesn’t that line already visit a sense of panic on you?

The North pole is currently at its warmest and the last of the ice caps are melting. It just might be the end of the world through overexposure to sun rays. Don’t you want to have popping and protected skin when that happens? Who knows the sun might just pass over you as a result.

Since I already busted one myth, here’s another one; sunscreen isn’t only needed whenever its sunny outside. Because sun no dey shine no mean say e no dey. Therefore, sunscreen should be applied every day you go outside.

Furthermore, while UVB rays only cause sunburns, UVA rays are so sneaky, they can pass through glass. So, riding in a car all day doesn’t protect you from carcinogens that want to love up with your skin.

Finally, if you can currently not get into sunscreen culture, covering up with a face cap and sunshades also help. But sunscreen na the baba, so show your skin serious love and get a tube with nothing less than the standard SPF (sun protection factor) of 30. Olorun o ni j’eka r’ogun cancer o.


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