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Valentine Tech Gifts : Top 6 Techie Gifts For The Ladies And Guys

‘Happy Valintine’ like my uncle would always say, in the local Nigerian dialect. No one can deny the importance of the love month which is February. Thanks to the 14th which is Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day, for a long time coming, has been massively celebrated. Sometimes, it seems like another Christmas Day, because of the way it is also identified with the colour red. Let’s just leave that comparison for now.

Even Pastors who preach against Val still make that day special for their wives. Can you imagine? It just signifies that Valentine’s Day is a part of life that we are all attached to, despite whatever contrary beliefs. Think about it. 

 My girlfriend went to see our therapist lately and he informed us about people’s needs. He said that their needs are changing, people are not freaked by the teddy bear, cakes, wine, boxers, chocolate, singlet and other regular gifts.

The therapist suggested we get creative with our gifts so I strongly advise you to consider a tech gift for your Val. Yeah! special gifts with forward thinking spice.

For Your Ladies, Guys I’ll Recommend This Valentine Gift

1. iPhone 8plus

Ladies are bored of iPhone 7, like they don’t like it anymore simply because iPhone 8plus includes a variety of colours that they love and adore. Ladies are you feeling me?

2. iphone XR

The iPhone XR is also not bad if your budget fits. I mean ladies love colour and iPhone XR are the perfect answers to making this Valentines special. 


3. Airpods

Airpods are not a bad idea for a gift to that special lady. They are incredibly valuable considering the functionality and efficiency. Airpods are a badass gift for her. Buy your woman airpods and nail it this Valentine. You can also consider Galaxy buds by Samsung because it is incredibly affordable. 

 Tech Valentine Gift For Both Guys And Ladies:


4. iWatch

Ladies love iWatches, it makes them classy according to my research with my female friends. Ladies love anything that makes life easy and one of the solutions is an iWatch. Buy her an iWatch and watch life become a little bit easier for her. 


Gender difference is not a crime iwatch is also a spectacular gift to offer your man this special season. You can give him and write a love note about your concerns about making his life less stressful by using an iWatch. Girl! He’s gonna adore you over and over again. You’ll thank me later.

Ladies ensure that you make your Valentine’s Day special and different from the norm. No more boxers, tie, fashion accessories etc. Guys want a different Val this year and Guys, say bye to chocolate, cake, roses etc. The world has gone digital and we can’t slack. Thanks.

Ladies I will Suggest These Valentine Gifts for Guys:

5. Mac Book

Be nice Ladies!!! Celebrate Valentine’s Day for your man with an Apple laptop,probably a mac book pro or mac air.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new laptop. A used one is not horrible too, if that’s what you can afford. Can you imagine how surprised and happy an Apple laptop will make your man?


6. iphone XS Max

Who doesn’t want an iPhone XS max??? Kindly indicate in the comment section. Do you want to get a phone for your handsome man? iPhone XS Max is the key to the perfect gift; it is masculine read it in the men’s corner gist. I mean from the features to the appearance and the capacity. 

It is perfect for your man. Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be new. A London used iPhone is not a bad phone, it is affordable.

Ladies and gentlemen, lets get into the real business of Valentine’s Day, it is closer than ever. Purchase those gifts ASAP and change the norm. Change is the spice of a love life and maybe these gifts can spice things up. Enjoy your special day people. 

Note that there are several other tech gifts available on It is not limited to the products mentioned. Happy Techie Valentine’s day if you would permit me to wish you that way.


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