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Top 6 Laptop Brands In Nigeria

The use of Laptops is beyond the features for the average Nigerian user, it is more about the brand. The reason why some laptop brands sell more than others, is majorly because their quality speaks volume. Most popular brands sell more, to be honest some unpopular laptop brands in Nigeria perform well too. After all is said and done let’s talk about the most widely used laptop brands in Nigeria, why users love their quality and what really makes them stand out.

Laptop Brands in Nigeria


Arguably the most popular brand laptop brand in Nigeria and the most used brand. More like out of ten laptop users in a company of eight, if not all are using an HP laptop. The HP laptops are impressive in terms of their quality, special designs and price that cuts across different classes of users. This brand is durable, their price spectrum is also affordable and the battery lifespan is part of what attracts Nigerian users to use the brand a lot. If you no get HP you no get better laptop o.


The Dell brand offers quality computer manufacturing and design that is compact and durable. Lot of users argue that Dell’s price is far better than HP. The functions features and durability attract a huge patronage in Nigeria, they are very close competitors to HP. Nigerians like rugged laptop wey dey last and dell is just that laptop that fits perfectly to that need.


Laptop brands

Apple laptops popularly called MacBook have exceptional display, excellent audio and quality unique functions. Contrary to what many Nigerian users think it is actually easy to use but sincerely their price scheme is more like egun gun be careful na express you dey go. The Apple laptop, with its unique product features, is however worth the cost.


Laptop brands

Acer laptops are known for their exceptional size and affordability while maintaining good and user friendly quality. It might not give you the best as dell, apple and HP but it will definitely give you value for your money.


Laptop brands

Lenovo laptop is becoming a well-known brand, accepted and widely used by Nigerian laptop users. They are also durable and compatible for business purpose and user friendly. They offer a smart display at prices other brands can’t afford to sell for.


Laptop brands

The Asus brand is also offering a good quality laptop although their laptops are not so popular as HP, Dell, Acer, Apple and Lenovo but if you are using one mehn!!! You are on the good side of using a laptop with amazing product feature function. However, the only issue is their repair rate is costly because it is hard to get hardware parts when you need to repair, don’t be discouraged, you can find computer hardware online at OList.

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