Smartphone Brands : Top 5 Smartphone Brands In Nigeria

Do you know what the most used tech gadget in the world is? If the gadget that comes to your mind is the smartphone, you are very correct. For users, the most important criteria for choosing phones is the brand and price of the smartphone. However, most Nigerian buyers buy based on the brand.

The reasons why the Nigerian market likes popular brands is because they trust their functionality, price and product categories. Also, there’s accessories and class distinction strata- na me get money pass swags.

I will be talking about the most used and trusted brands in the Nigerian market. Some brands are majorly for the Nigerian market. Others have created a niche and are thriving while some others I won’t be mentioning are coming up.

The acclaimed top 5 brands based on market share, usage, functionality, accessibility and price are:

Apple (Baba Nla Smartphone)

Set awon money geng. The brand’s reputation is obviously a selling point. Then, there’s its functionality and durability. In addition, there’s constant product category update, accessories updates of iPhone and its worldwide acceptance on deck.

You can tell that the brand speaks volume, it has gotten the highest turnover for the past five years despite being international. Their ability to hold down the Nigerian market is definitely the result of a job well done.

The status that comes with owning an Apple brand mad oh! In fact, you are a big boy in Nigeria if you have one of them, especially their latest models like the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xxmax and others.

Furthermore, a lot of users say the Apple phone is not just a smartphone but a machine. 

Samsung ( Fresh Boys Smartphone)

Samsung can be regarded as a more accessible smartphone brand. It tilts towards the middle- and upper-class in terms of price and functionality. 

If you get money, Samsung get your Market, if otherwise there is still a smartphone for you. Take the Galaxy S for instance, these series are on the high side while the A and J series are on the affordable side.


It is a fact that Samsung has more than 20% of the smartphone market share in Nigeria. This in turn, unarguably makes them one of the best smartphone brands and invariably the best choice of many users. Set awon fresh peeps with fresh pics

Tecno ( Break out Smartphone)

In past times, Nigerians referred to this break out brand of the decade as ‘chinko phone.’ But now they have evolved from being called ‘chinko’ to being a well-accepted brand for mobile devices. The features of their products are close to their more renown counterparts. This, coupled with their affordability, has made them break into the Nigerian market.

Infinix (Simply Cool)

You would know a brand by their strategic moves. They came into the market like the better version of Tecno and are actually under the same parent company. In their case, they however didn’t make their introduction look like a china phone syndrome. They just made their smart phone feature exceptional and affordable and as of now, they own over 25% of the market share. Infinix you are doing well!!!!

Huawei (The future)

Huawei was already known to be an international Chinese company. They then stormed the Nigerian smartphone market scene with their amazing features to push the game ahead. This in turn propelled other brands to be better because their pace in terms of phone features was exceptional.

To be honest with you, if you are using any smartphone from the above-mentioned brands you be chairman no reason am twice. And you don’t have to worry about your status in terms of smartphone because you are simply using the best.


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