10 Tips to Staying Productive
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10 Tips to Stay Productive at Work and Rising Above the Labour Market Jungle

Staying productive at work is key because this labour market sphere is a dog eat dog world. You’ve landed a job now; you don’t want to be back out in the ghet-to (ratatata).

I mean, gone are the days when job searching was an African Magic horror clip of worn out shoes and terrible looking clothes with a battered envelope stuck underarm. Still, you need skills, connections and the Grace of the Almighty God to land a job and when you now find one? That’s where staying productive comes to play. This way, you complete your tasks, avoid evil eyes from your manager, weave red alerts from the HR’s desk and get a promotion. God forbid it, but if the evil axe of staff reduction drops, there lies your chances of getting saved. Meanwhile, while sipping the bitter but necessary cup of productivity, you learn and grow on the job, and thus, you become a labour market spec, the tomato jos all employers want in their organisation.

So how do you stay productive at work?

Below is a 10-course food for thought on how to hack this. Enjoy: 

1. Plan Your Week Ahead

An easy way to becoming that makanaki employee will be by giving yourself a head start where you plan important but secondary things. Such things include transportation, your outfits, your meals, etc. Generally, you’ll be putting your house in order to prepare for 100% dedication on the job.

2. Be Positive Minded

Work might have gotten more difficult than you can handle, but even video games only get harder the higher you go.

So, wake up, mind and body because staying productive at work requires total dedication. If you find that your lack of enthusiasm is due to the fact that you hate your job or your workplace is toxic, this is for you: 5 Jobs We’re Leaving Behind in 2019.

3. Be Hungry, Stay Hungry

That way you keep kicking and you never get kicked out of the game, simple. You can fuel your hunger by always learning and attaining for more achievements.

4. Align Your Goals with that of the Organisation

Goal alignment is key else you’ll be fighting an unknown battle. How can victory be assured when you don’t know what you’re fighting for?

5. Be a Team Player

Don’t all in the name of staying productive carry all the work on your head. My friend, you will scatter and you will lose the chance to learn from others and make allies. In the jungle, it’s better to move in a pack than alone before you become a snack for vultures. So, don’t turn yourself to a labour market martyr because it will end in tears. It is however key to apply balance to being a team player; don’t do too little either.

6. Be Open-minded

Be open to change, new tasks, new staff members but for a good cause so you don’t become a doormat. Whatever the new development is, draw a map and see how it helps you. If it doesn’t ensure it also doesn’t threaten you or impede your productivity.

7. Review your performance

You can’t keep working till thy kingdom come with the hopes that you’ll best your past performances. It’s essential you carry out an objective review of your performance. Feel free to ask your colleagues and manager if you must.

8. Restrategise

Where there’s a review, there must be actions taken and since nobody’s perfect, there’ll always be something to better ourselves in. That’s what keeps us human; learning, unlearning, self-improvement etc. So, don’t get tired, get doing.

9. Do Away with Distractions

It’s crazy how quickly time gathers her skirt and lifts her winged legs to fly away especially when we’re faffing around. Distractions no matter how fun they may be, are serious thieves of time. On the road to being and staying productive, there is no space for them. So, ja ara e, and watch how you spend your time.

10. Recharge Your Mind and Body

This is odikwa necessary because if you don’t, you’ll have only yourself to blame. It is only fertile land that can yield produce. So, learn to indulge in healthy foods, short naps/breaks, social media breaks, social time, etc. All of these is to ensure you stay healthy, fresh and sharp at the job. Shikena.

My brothers and sisters in the labour market jungle, yes, the journey is not an easy one, but I do hope these 10 tips has been of help to you. If it has, feel free to substitute buying me a bottle of my favourite drink by sharing and commenting. God no go vex. Also, is there anything I left out? Go right ahead and share it in the comments too and have yourself a lovely week.

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