Phone Shopping? Tips On Buying Used Mobile Devices

In recent times, keeping up with phone technology updates has become interesting but rather money consuming.

However, there is always a way through all this to reduce the financial burden attached to getting updates such as getting UK or London used phones.

Most times, these used phones are like new phones in terms of physical features and systematic functions. If your budget is not close to the price of a new phone, a UK used phone as it is popularly called is a perfect match.

I will be guiding you on the perfect way to get a good used phone that would offer the value you desire. These factors will guide you on the best options with ease:

Phone Shopping 101: Budget Consideration

You need to consider your budget first. Cutting your coat according to your cloth is not a bad idea. You need to weigh your income with your expenditure. The rate of your savings and budget should not be ignored. This significant factor guides your choice. So, you no go see the groove inside the party after a wrong purchase.

Seller Consideration

Getting a seller that fits your budget is absolutely necessary. Some seller’s prices can be discouraging. Meanwhile, others have good prices and better after sales service which is important. A seller that can assure you warranty and guarantee for your used phone purchase.

I will further recommend the best online market hub in Nigeria where you have options to interact with different sellers.

Phone Usage Consideration

Considering how well you can use the phone is also an important factor. If you are not techie, you don’t need to buy an iPhone when you are more of an android user.

If you don’t have people around you that can guide you on iPhone usage you can simply buy android phones like Samsung, Sony Xperia, Infinix, Techno

No be by force to use iPhone o!

Value And Review Consideration

You need to consider if the phone you want to buy is adding value to your daily needs online and offline. What are other tech reviews and feedback about the phone? That way, you can know a lot more about the phone you want to buy.

Online reviews are usually very helpful – it enlightens you about the user’s experience.

Basic Features And Function Consideration

You need to check the basic features of the phones like the camera, screen, charging point, battery health, the mouthpiece, earpiece port, the phone speakers, the connectivity functions – WIFI, Bluetooth, hotspot and the operating system of the phone – how flexible it is.

If these features are in good shape then you are good to go!

P.S Always take tech savvy friends or family members along if you want to purchase a used phone. Their views can be helpful .

Lastly, I have observed that most Nigerian phone users buy mainly used phones iPhone and Samsung devices. As a result, I shared updated market prices of models of these devices with you.

Price List For iPhones:

  • 8+256GB=145K – 160K
  • XSMAX 256GB=245K- 260K
  • XSMAX 64GB=225K- 240K
  • X 64GB=160K- 175K
  • X 256gb=180K – 190K
  • XS 64GB=205K- 220K
  • XS 256GB=225K- 235K
  • 7+32GB=80K – 92K
  • 7+128GB=95K-105K
  • 7+256GB=110K-120K
  • 8:64GB=98K- 105K
  • 8:256GB=110K-120K
  • 7:32GB=55K-65K
  • 7:128GB=70K- 75K
  • 6s+64GB=45K -75K
  • 6+64GB=35K -60K

Samsung Price list



S10 1SIM =150K-160K

S10 2SIM=170K-180K

Samsung Note 10 (1 Sim)

  • 256GB=235K-245K
  • 512GB=250K-260K
  • NOTE 9:1SIM=130K-140K
  • S9+1SIM=100K-105K
  • S9+2SIM=108K-120K
  • S9:1SIM=88K-92K
  • S9:2SIM=95K-100K
  • S8+1SIM=73K- 80K
  • S8+2SIM=80K- 90K
  • S8:1SIM=65K- 75K
  • S8:2SIM=70K-85K
  • S7 EDGE=50K-55K
  • S6 EDGE=35K-40K
  • SAMSUNG J7= 45K – 55K
  • SAMSUNG J5 = 35K- 40K
  • GALAXY S3 = 20K – 30K
  • GALAXY S5= 35K – 40K

Now phone vendors can’t take your money for vanishing.

I hope you found these tips helpful and very soon get that new phone you’ve been eyeing. If you did, don’t bother to thank me but instead, share this with a friend.


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