the big deal about ios 13.3

The Big Deal About iOS 13.3

Let’s talk about the iOS. For those wondering what it means, it’s simply an acronym for internet operating system. Now you know it!! 

All through 2019,  the iOS upgrades and releases were the longest incessant operating system Apple inc. ever had, with over 17 releases from iOS 12.1.3 in January 2019 to the latest release of the iOS 13.3 – a rather alarming spate of releases if you ask me. 

Word on the street is that the new releases have many bugs to be fixed so I advise you don’t just rush into any iOS upgrade. The best iOS from the previous year was the iOS 13.3, which was released on December 10, 2019. Six days ago, a new iOS was released but it will only start functioning come February, 2020.

So what’s the big deal about this iOS? Well, this update isn’t too significant but it is necessary due to the various exceptional updates such as:

Removable Emoji Stickers – Apple now allows you to remove emoji stickers from the keyboard especially pointless sections of the keyboard. You now also have an option for disabling emoji stickers to make them disappear. Finally! 

Communication control – Apple also introduced a new feature called ‘Communication Limiting Screen Time’ where you can limit how you communicate on your iPhone after a certain time limit on imessage and FaceTime. Goodbye distractions, hello productivity!

They also re-introduced a feature where you can save edited videos as a new clip. For some reason, they had removed this feature in the previous versions of iOS 13 but now, it will be making a comeback. 

There’s also an update on the Apple Watch: Apple Watch icon now has an updated digital crown. Nice for the apple watch fans, I guess.

Apple News Plus is on another vibe too with an update of the splash screen. The user interface  will change immediately you open the app, allowing you to directly like and dislike an article from the article page. This is a very similar thing to Stocks where you can scroll down and see related stories.

Apple also patched the air DOS attack which is a bug that alerts you of a possible attack. It will now use a script which will repeatedly request to airdrop an item but once denied, it will stop repeated requests, helping you save data consumption and giving more privacy and security.

Another great release, is the iOS 12.4.4 available for iPhone 6 and below. 

I must say; I love the fact that Apple continues to support old iPhones — this is the sixth year support for an old iphone — show me something like that on android, I’ll wait. 

Apple also publicly commented on the location data leak where even if you had all of your location data toggles disabled because of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Ultra Wideband U1 chip, it would still search for your location. According to Apple, it is to get a ‘disable’ toggle in settings to correct that. The iOS 13.4 will most likely be out soon as a result.

Well, now we watch and wait with hope that the bugs affecting the operating system will be corrected in this new update because it’s a huge challenge on the iOS 13.3. 

Do you use an iphone supported by the iOS 13.3? And have you noticed any of these glitches? Share with us in the comment section while we await the bug fixes. 

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