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    How to Sell on OList Free Online Marketplace

    OList Free Online Classifieds Ads OList is Nigeria’s trusted free online marketplace and free classified ads listing company that connects real sellers and real buyers anywhere in Nigeria. Buying and selling on OList.ng is easy. As a seller, all you need to do is to follow the recommended steps and voila, your ads will be visible to our numerous users in Nigeria. How to Sell on OList 1. Registration: The first step is to register with your accurate email address, Facebook or Google. This is to enable your potential customers reach you easily. 2. Post good quality picture: Posting an ad with a clear picture quality best shows the details…

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    Write and Win on OTribe – The “Twitter Of Classifieds”

    Do you love to write? Are you the type who is always up at 2AM, writing epistles on Facebook and participating in Twitter wars? Do you own a simple blog or just write for fun? What if I told you that you could win 30,000 Naira from just 1 post? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? OList has launched a new platform called OTribe. To celebrate the launch of OTribe, OList will reward the 10 lucky people with cash prizes just for using OTribe. Amazing isn’t it? I’m sure by now you must be wondering what OTribe is, and how you can be part of the 10 lucky people. Stay with me…

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    OList Cash Giveaway Is Here Again

    Take A Moment Imagine waking up to an alert of 10,000 Naira. Anyone who has woken up to a credit alert knows how great the feeling is. Better still, imagine waking up to an alert for money you didn’t even have to work for. I don’t know about you, but that puts me in a happy mood all day long. This is exactly what OList is doing this January – making people wake up from their sleeps with a smiles on their faces to the OList Cash Giveaway credit alerts. By now, you may be lost and wondering what exactly is OList doing that’s putting smiles on faces. Just like…