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Style 101; Why You Need to Be Conscious of Your Work Outfits

Welcome to style 101 this beautiful Monday. Monday quotes will tell you it’s time to sparkle and shine. I’m here to add more sparkle and shine to you.

Another week has started and it’s back to work o’clock. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell that you went through the regular morning motions and then you dressed up before hitting the road, en route work.

But pray tell, before you grabbed your outfit for the day, did you actually think before making a selection or you just selected randomly? And expected that the Holy Spirit will minister to you or give you a miraculous makeover? Is that how you style yourself to the office each and every day? My guy, that way no be way. 

Here is why being conscious of your style at work is key:

1. It Gives You Confidence

In the right outfit, you feel like the king of the world or at least the street you’re from. Feeling confident is a great way to start the week because you feel pumped to overcome anything. This is a hack some go-getters have discovered. It definitely won’t hurt to try it out.

2. Good Style Gives You Rep

I hate to sing that song our parents often sang, the one about being addressed how you’re dressed. But in case you’ve never noticed, no one ever really pays attention to the badly dressed guy in the office.

No, I’m not advocating that badly dressed people are treated badly. But just take time to observe if that skreppily dressed colleague of yours commands respect when he or she speaks. Especially when it’s a contrary opinion but when that guy with the sharp outfits or the babe that always brings the slay speaks?

3. It Speaks for You

Style, they say, is a way to communicate who you are without speaking. Why else do you think when we gossip about people, we often times use their outfits to describe them? Do you really want to be known as that guy that always wears ‘unrighteous white’ shirts to work? Or the babe that always has her hair in disarray?

Also, people tend to gravitate towards well-dressed people. That’s probably why your office crush has become cool with the new person at work but barely knows your name.

4. It Helps You Organise Yourself

With a specific style and not just an anyhow yaga-yaga one, your work outfits will have direction. So, every morning when you wake up you don’t have to run helter-skelter looking for what to wear because you already know the next banger you’re dropping on your colleagues.

Yes o, with these pointers of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince and not confuse you on why you need to slay not only your tasks at work, but your outfits too. Now go ahead, shine your best shoes, raise your shoulders high and step into the week like the boss that you are.

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