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The Gentleman’s Creed

Remember how in secondary school we had nicknames for everything? For people who went to Federal Government Colleges, coined words such as “Fap” – a subtle slang for stealing, “Grub” –basically meaning foodie, etc, were our universal words. Well, our contemporaries in Oxford University, some many decades ago, also coined a word for the boots they wore, which has morphed to one of the silent Creeds of a gentleman. 

In the early 1800s, students at the Oxford University wore their sleek low-heeled shoes with their laces tucked in to better aid their movements. With how popular they made this style of wearing formal shoes, it was only proper that they be named Oxfords. No brainstorming sessions needed.

A Pair Of Oxfords: The Gentleman’s Creed

In case you are still lost on what Oxfords are and how to identify Oxfords, they are closed laced sleek formal shoes famous for their versatility. You can also refer to them a must-have timeless pair any gentleman should own. Unlike other fashion accessories which you should not be caught dead rocking because “they are so last season”, these bad boys have passed the test of time. 

So, are you going to be a groomsman this 2020 and already have a gbese routine mapped out. A pair of these classy shoes would be the icing on the cake when Naira Marley’s “Tesumole” hit comes on. They might as well be the cake, in case your outfit is drab.

Or are you preparing to land that dream job with a salary so robust that it affords you the luxuries of life? Well, let this pair be your spokesman at your interview. Without uttering a word, the Oxfords can tell of you that you’ve got class! It is the pair that inducts you into Falz’ SBA (Sweet Boys Association) without applying for an invite. 

Need we say more? Go cop yourself a pair if you don’t already have. And if you do have, you need to update your shoe rack with sleeker Oxfords. Don’t bother racking your head on where to get these SBA inductors, just go on OList, and voila!

You Are Welcome.

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