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Write and Win on OTribe – The “Twitter Of Classifieds”

Do you love to write? Are you the type who is always up at 2AM, writing epistles on Facebook and participating in Twitter wars? Do you own a simple blog or just write for fun? What if I told you that you could win 30,000 Naira from just 1 post? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? OList has launched a new platform called OTribe. To celebrate the launch of OTribe, OList will reward the 10 lucky people with cash prizes just for using OTribe. Amazing isn’t it?

I’m sure by now you must be wondering what OTribe is, and how you can be part of the 10 lucky people. Stay with me as I guide you to your 30,000 Naira reward.

write and win on otribe
Visit OTribe To Start Writing and start winning!

What Is OTribe?

OTribe is a platform on OList that brings users of OList together. It is a community similar to Facebook/Twitter, enabling users to share their views, opinions, make requests for their needs, ask questions and also advertise their various products/services for sale. On OTribe, users can comment and like posts. In general, users of OList can share and discuss everything about their life and businesses. Yes, we still like to refer to OTribe as “the twitter of classifieds”. The beauty part is that you can write and win on OTribe.

How Can I Use OTribe?

To use OTribe, all you need to do is visit the OList website at olist.ng. Once there, click on the OTribe section and begin to post under the category that fits your content.

How Can I Be The 1st Of The “Lucky 10”?

write and win on otribe
  • Visit The OHub section on OTribe by clicking the link
  • Write a short story on a place you’ll like to visit.
  • Share on Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and your other social platforms.
  • Top 10 posts with the most likes and comments will win cool cash

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to write and win on OTribe. As usual wining with OList is as easy as ABC. To get started, go directly to OTribe by clicking THIS LINK, start writing and start counting your reward!


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