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What is OLounge?

OLounge is the official blog of OList, Nigeria’s trusted free online marketplace and free classifieds ads listing company that connects real sellers and real buyers. OLounge is also an information platform bringing the latest updates beyond OList.

Categories on OLounge Blog

  • Everything OList Category

Everything OList category on OLounge keeps you up to date with everything happening on OList both online and offline. Whether you are looking for the hottest product deals, the latest job vacancies, cash giveaways, and other activities on OList, then you don’t need to skip this category for any reason. As a seller you are not left out either. Find everything you need to sell on OList fast and effortlessly.

  • News and Entertainment Category

If you love entertainment and catching up with the latest gists and events in town, celebrity gossip, trending music and videos, local news and everything that keeps us up to date with trends, then this is a must read category. The News and Entertainment category on OLounge will definitely keep you glued to your mobile or laptop screen.

  • Technology Category

Tech lovers are not left out on OLounge. Find everything techy in the Tech Category on OLounge, from mobile phones to cars, laptops and other gadgets. Also find tech news from around the world, at your fingertips.

  • Fashion and Beauty Category

Looking good they say is good business. Also don’t forget the popular saying that the first impression matters. Check out the Fashion and Beauty Category on OLounge for the latest fashion and beauty tips and tricks for every occasion.

  • Lifestyle Category

Lifestyle as we know is about interests, opinions, and behaviours of individuals. Discover personal development and motivation, healthy living, buying guides and tips and everyday lifestyle tips in the Lifestyle Category on OLounge.

  • Business and Career Category

Are you a career person? Then the Business and Career category on OLounge is not what you would want to skip for any reason. Find the latest jobs in Nigeria, interview tips, career tips, personal development and more. Business owners are not left out on OLounge either. Find business tips, business news and more.

  • Reviews & Tips Category

    Find Product reviews, DIYs and a variety of tips- lifestyle, motivational, career, financial and more in the Reviews and Tips category on OLounge.

    Now that you’ve found us, sit back and relax, while you enjoy amazing content from us, just as we enjoy making them for you.

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