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With OList Free Browsing, Shop Until You Drop With ZERO Data

Imagine being able to shop online till you drop without using up one drop of data. First of all, no pun intended. Secondly, get ready to shout for joy because you do not have to imagine it. This package now exists on your one and only OList.ng, the giant of classified ads. OList Free Browsing is exclusive to MTN and Airtel users. With this package, you get 50MB data every day to shop as you like on the OList App and the OList website! Do you have an MTN or AIRTEL sim? Download the OList App HERE and shop till you drop!

How To Enjoy The OList Free Browsing On MTN & Airtel

free data on olist

Step 1: Get an MTN or an Airtel sim, if you don’t have one already.

Step 2: Without any subscription, you get to enjoy 50MB FREE data on the OList App and OList website every day. Click HERE to download the OList App and start shopping for FREE! It’s that easy! Go ahead and shop with zero data on OList.ng

Access More Data With “Chicken Change” (MTN Users Only)

olist free data

What if you want unlimited access to shop whenever you like? OList has got you covered with daily, weekly and monthly plans.

To access more data at “chicken change” and enjoy uninterrupted online experience, follow these simple steps;

Step 1: Buy an MTN sim if you do not have one.

Step 2: Dial *131# select option 3; ‘social bundles’.
Next step is to choose option 9; ‘Opera Mini & News.’
Now you can go right ahead and choose whatever bundle you want; daily at ₦20, weekly at ₦50, or monthly at ₦100!

Step 3: Once you’ve subscribed, you get to enjoy FREE browsing of the OList App and OList website, and browse more on Opera Mini!

Have questions? Read on for the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Exactly Is The OList Free Browsing?

If you are an MTN or Airtel user, you will get 50MB of free browsing on OList, daily.

That way you can check out our discount deals and offers on any category of your choice and make purchases easily. Makes sense right? 

I Have An MTN Sim. How Small Is The “Small Fee” For The Opera Mini Bundle?

The subscription charges are as follows (fair usage policy applies):

  • Daily Plan – ₦20 (25MB)
  • Weekly Plan – ₦50 (100MB)
  • Monthly Plan – ₦100 (300MB)

If you are using Opera Mini, remember to enable data savings (extreme or high)

I Have An Airtel Sim and I Do Not Have Data. I Have Tried To Browse OList But It Is Not Loading. What Should I do?

The quickest solution is to download the OList APP and browse for FREE whenever you want to shop online. 

You can also browse the OList website on your phone with Google Chrome, by turning off ‘Lite mode’ in your settings and you’re good to go. Alternatively, use Opera for Android for a better experience.

Oya download the OList app HERE or visit OList.ng and start shopping without using one drop of data!


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