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How To Use The OList App, Now Updated For University Students

The OList App has been updated to include new features and give even more value. Of the new features, the most noticeable is the special attention given to University students (undergraduates and postgraduates).

Right from your profile page, you can see the new banner that directs you to enter the campus section (left image). Next step is for you to click on the banner. This takes you to a new interface specially designed for University students (right image).
Now students in Universities can connect, trade and socialize with each other for free. Guess what? You do not need data; not even subscription. That’s the cool thing about OList; no data/subscription needed.

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How To Register On The App And Access The Campus Section

Can’t wait to register on OList and begin to browse, connect, and trade for free? Follow the steps below for a guide on registering to access the specially made section for University students.

Step 1: Download the OList App

Simply CLICK HERE to download the app

download olist app
Download Page

Step 2: Register

You can use your email or phone number to register. Conversely, you can also register and log in using your Facebook and Google accounts.

register on olist app
Log in / Registration page

Step 3: Complete your registration

After registering, ensure to go to your profile to complete your registration. Here you should fill in all the information needed. In order to access the campus feature, you must fill in your University details.

Step 4: Enter The OList Campus

Once you have completed your registration just click the banner in your profile to jump to the campus section of the OList App. From here, you can buy, sell, share a story and connect with fellow students in Unilag.

Using The OList App

Connect & Post

If you have thoughts to share, or an article you want to go viral in your campus, you can do this in 5 easy steps

  1. Click the + sign on the homepage
  2. Select “Story”
  3. Type, type & type to your heart’s content
  4. Select the right topic(s) (you can choose up to 3 topics) for your post
  5. All done? Click on “Post” to publish your story

Have Products/Services To Sell?

To sell on OList,

  1. Click the + sign on the homepage
  2. Select “AD”
  3. Select the right category and subcategory for your advert
  4. Fill in your AD details.
  5. Post your AD and get seen first by people studying in your campus and millions more outside the campus


What if you just want to buy something or simply window-shop?

  1. From the homepage, click on the category for what you need
  2. Search through exciting products of sellers within your campus
  3. Contact the seller and close the deal

Now, rather than spending your data, you can enjoy buying, selling & connecting with students in your campus, all in 1 app without using your data/subscription


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