Monday Tips, 5 Ways To Better Your Week
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Chin Up, It’s Monday; Here’s 5 Ways to Better Your Week

This Monday, the song I’m obsessed with — 10k by Obongjayar — goes, ‘I wake up every morning and I run. I run. Run for my life. Everything is burning, look around you. You better run. Run for your life.’

If you could hear it, you’d agree with me that it’s a beautiful song but even more beautiful is the resonance it packs. Because in this rat race life, who cannot relate? There might not be a literal fire but we’re always running; to work. To make ends meet. To make time for loved ones. To smash our goals. It’s all a race. These days sef, we’re legging it to work and we’ve become unrecognised brand ambassadors of the red label that says ‘never stop, never settle.’

One of the most important races of our lives however, is the race to make ends meet. This race, never ends but significantly begins on Mondays. Monday is said to set the tone for the week so it comes with a lot of pressure. This pressure, if not used right, can mess you up. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful tool.

This Monday, find out how to better your week with these 5 tips here:

1. Review the previous week

It’s your life, your own personal movie. You’re the actor and the director. So, there’s no way you’ll get the accolades you want if you don’t analyse your performance.

How was your previous week? Was it bad, average or good? Don’t lie to yourself o. Afterwards, objectively evaluate the reasons why it turned out the way it did. Ehen, Better Week 2.O is now underway.

2. Outline How to better your week

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. (No be dem say dem say o.) Because likewise, the unfolding of a fruitful week begins with a well mapped out Monday.

So now, go ahead and outline actions you need to take to ensure that whatever you did last week, you do better this week. Did you sleep too much, press phone too much, spend too much money?

There’s no need to beat yourself up over it. Instead, this Monday, map out a practical solution and move on and do better.

Outline how to better your week

3. This Monday, believe in your abilities

At times, we fail so much at overcoming a challenge or a bad habit that we give up. But there’s a Yoruba adage my mom says that literally means ‘whatever cannot speak, shouldn’t get the better of you.’

Now tell me, this Monday, is it as awesome, smart and resilient as you are? See, it’s just a day of the week and it was created to serve you, so why fear? Tell yourself you’ve got this, put in the work and watch Monday bow to you.

Praying, if you’re religious will also serve to fortify you and shake your fears.

Believe in your abilities

4. Remove All thieves of focus

Yes o, distractions and disturbances won’t get you gold medals except you work in an organization that has a great sense of humour.

But really, is ‘Mr. Always Late’ or ‘Miss. Phone Presser,’ the goal you have mapped out to smash this year? This is exactly why you need to do away with distractions and unleash the German machine inside you.

Remove all thieves of focus

Money is like a Lagos big girl o, you must work to get it.

5. Run, don’t look back

You’ve been empowered to hit the ground running. Don’t look back at your fears or insecurities. Or go back to your Whatsapp to see if he or she finally replied your message when your work is gathering dust on your desk. Don’t go back to sleep when your alarm has been crying ‘oga wake up.’ RUN.

Run, don't look back

Keep running but know when to stop to get some rest. And do have a lovely week, running and all. Hopefully, you’ll help us defeat the Kenyans at next year’s Lagos marathon.


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