Here Comes Something New, Introducing OList Cars
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Here Comes Something New, Introducing OList Cars

The giant of classified adverts, OList has come up with the perfect way to solve all our issues with buying and selling cars in Nigeria. Anyone who has bought a car will know how stressful the process is, and if it’s a used car then the stress increases 10 times but not with OList Cars – it’s a stress-free zone.

You can get started right away to selling your cars by clicking here or calling 018888363. Keep reading to know more about the benefits.

olist cars
Sell & Buy On OList Cars

What is OList Cars?

OList Cars is an arm of OList that handles all your car needs. From selling your used car to buying a brand new, tokunbo or Nigerian-used car, they got you covered. The moment you search for a car on OList , they take care of all your car troubles such as finding the car that’s right for you, verifying the car, inspecting it to make sure it’s in perfect shape, registering it with the proper authorities, and so on.

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Why Should I Use OList Cars?

Let’s go straight to the points:

1. Dedicated Marketers

olist cars dedicated marketer

That got you, right? You may be asking yourself “what does he mean by dedicated marketers?”. Well…
Who do you call when you want to quickly sell your car and use the money for something important? When you need to search for a rare car (like this Mercedes-Benz E63 found on OList) who is on your speed dial? Who do you call to give you that much needed advice when you are about to make a buying decision? That’s why OList dedicates a Marketer to you. Just like your bank account Manager, your Dedicated Marketer is always ready to make your car buying/selling journey a stress free one.

Want To Sell Your Car With Ease? Click Here To Sell On OList For Free

2. After-Sales Service

olist cars after sales

Like all trustworthy and top car dealerships, OList Cars also provides you with after-sales service for 3 months once you buy a car, ensuring that you still enjoy a stress-free life after purchasing your car. From carrying out regular maintenance, to changing spare-parts and even pimping you car with the right accessories, OList Cars has got you covered.

3. Some Benefits You Never Expected

olsit cars free fuel

While most dealerships are only interested in closing the sale and taking your money, OList Cars focuses on providing value and fostering relationships with everyone who buy/sell cars with OList. As such, there are few benefits you get when you purchase a car. I have gone ahead to list two that really got me interested:

  • Free 20 Liters Fuel
  • Access To Car Loan Within 24 Hours

How Do I Get Started?

I Want To Sell My Car

  1. Click Here To Get Started.
  2. Upload the pictures of your car and fill the description, then click on “post” when done
  3. If you have more cars to sell, go ahead and upload them all. It’s totally free
  4. Sit back while OList Cars does all the work for you, and connect you with your customers

I Want To Buy A Car
It’s as simple as ABC. Just visit OList by clicking on THIS LINK, search for the car you want, then call the number on the car’s page. Your call will be immediately directed to customer service, where you will begin your stress-free journey.

Visit OList Now to get started or call 018888363. Thank me later.

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