How to Prevent Coronavirus Through Mobile Phones

How to Prevent Coronavirus Through Mobile Phones

Do you know that mobile phones can pose a serious health risk exposing you to the much dreaded coronavirus? We focus so much on washing our hands and using hand sanitizers as a means to staying safe and preventing the spread of the coronavirus but have you thought about cleaning your smartphones? Don’t give me that startled look!

We take our phones everywhere, and we’re constantly touching them. You might wash your hands after you’ve been out but then contaminate them straight away with your phone, as you haven’t cleaned it.

Studies have found the novel coronavirus, which causes the respiratory disease known as COVID-19, may be able to survive on some surfaces for up to nine days — and that may include your precious smartphone.

Mobile phones are always covered in bacteria, but viruses can also survive there, including COVID-19. At room temperature coronavirus can survive and remain infectious on metal, glass, ceramic, and plastic for several days. The virus can get onto a mobile phone in two ways: either in tiny droplets when an infected person coughs nearby, or from your own hands after touching door handles, elevator buttons, ATM machines, remote control, keys and more. It seems staying safe these days is harder than the ten commandments.

How to Keep Your Smartphones Safe from the Coronavirus- COVID-19

Even though I mentioned cleaning your phones, don’t just rush off to get any harsh chemical simply because it has been said to kill the virus, you will only end up damaging your phone in the process- Wait! Some few minutes of going through this post won’t hurt. Calm down, follow these few safety tips to prevent Coronavirus through your mobile phones.

  • Disinfect Your Phone With Disinfectant Wipes

While some studies suggest creating a mix of alcohol and water yourself; what is the point if you don’t get the concentration right and end up damaging your phone? Wisdom is profitable to direct. Now isn’t the time to start that chemistry experiment you probably never tried in school as a “science student” or even playing out those SCI-FI movie scenes. Just get disinfectant wipes that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your phone screen. Apple has now approved using this on iphones.

  • Use Soap and Water

You can also use a slightly damp lint-free cloth to wipe your mobile phone clean. You can also just use soap and water. That your mobile phone is water-resistant doesn’t mean that you should put it under running water.

  • Put your Phone in a Case

If your phone doesn’t have a case, now is the best time to do so. Beyond using it to protect your phone, you can easily remove the case to thoroughly wash it as needed.

  • Don’t Share Your Phone

Sharing your mobile phones with other people obviously is a riskier practice these days. If you must share your phone with someone else, ask that person to conduct the conversation via the speaker or a headset to prevent the person’s face from touching your phone’s screen while on the call.

Finally, don’t forget to wash your hands as well. This rule still remains the baba of them all. Also mind where you place your phone, especially in public places. It is better to keep your phone in your pocket or bag rather than placing it on a counter or other object in public.

Most importantly, stay safe guys. Cheers!


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