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How To Make Money By Selling On OList

We all know about e-commerce and classified ads websites. When we do not want to stress ourselves, we do our shopping online. What we don’t do however, is to take advantage of what’s right in front of us and cash out.
One of the opportunities that the online world has brought to us is, and you can stay home and make money with OList. How? Here is how to make money by selling on OList.

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1. Register

Well of course the first step is to register and create an account. This is quite easy. All you need to do is visit OList by clicking THIS LINK, click on “Log In” or “Start Selling” at the top right corner, then sign up with either email, phone, Facebook or Google.

2. Upload Your Products

At this point, you may be thinking “What if I don’t run a business? Which products will I upload?”. Well there a lot of things you can still sell. Are you the type that visits Computer Village (Ikeja, Lagos) to sell your phone when you want to get a new one? You can save yourself from stress and spending money on transportation by just taking a few pictures of your phone and upload it on OList. Maybe you are not the type that likes to sell items you have used. Maybe you know how to bake or you’re a great chef. You can sell your service on OList. Cool, right?
So from the products your business sells, to the iPhone 8 that you want to sell to get an iPhone 11 (which you can buy HERE), or maybe you have services you offer, you can sell anything on OList. Just take a few pictures, click on “Start Selling” on the website, choose the right category for your products/service, upload your pictures and the description of the product/service, and let your customers come to you.

3. Start Selling

I know, I know. Haven’t you started selling by now? Yes and No. Well, your product is now online on OList, it’s now visible to your potential customer and you’re getting calls. You’ve even closed a couple of sales, so what more can you do to even sell better?
Get familiar with the website!
There are other features that usually go unnoticed. Like the chat function for example. This feature allows potential customers to directly send you a message and chat with you in real-time on the website. You can also chat with customers and continue discussions at any time. So for every call you get, you can imagine just how many customers would have tried to first chat with you for an immediate response.
That’s why you should always remember to visit the website often to reply chats and upload new products as you get them.

Easy right? Go ahead and give it a try. Click Here To Start Selling On OList Now

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