For The Sake Of Love, Look Peng
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For The Sake Of Love, Look Peng.

Sparkling crystals, streets littered in Red. No need for a viewer’s discretion alert, it’s for the sake of Love. Perhaps, a viewer’s discretion alert would be appropriate by the ones who wield state powers or a make-shift NGO can be curated for the purpose of this alert, because the red is, in fact, blinding. 

The sight aside, love is beautiful and we are here for it! We are also here with the timely tips on how not to go overboard with your ‘Vals day’ get-up. 

Don’t go for the overkill. It always ends in tears. We mean the red on red on red on red (the grammar is deliberate) Haba! When you are not a rose flower garden. By all means, wear your red if you want to, but be considerate not to scare school children who may think you are a sorcerer.

Don’t be on the other end of the spectrum either. The ones who want to prove by all means unnecessary that they would never be caught in anything even close to red. Any colour that even starts with r is canceled (what other colours start with ‘r’ though?) So, they try so hard, they end up looking like the Grinch that stole Christmas. Don’t be that person. You find them tweeting with their noses up like they caught some bug, asking followers that don’t care, why people wear red on the 14th. One statement for people in this category – Leave people Alone! Don’t be such a killjoy. 

Now that we have cleared the air on these extremes, time for some cute advice and tips on how to look peng for your date night (tonight).

  1. Simple Does It.

Simple always does it. For the ladies, sexy/ casual-chic always works. A cute silk dress with no elaborate designs but perfectly complemented with the right accessories would do. Keep them heels simple too. Heeled sandals and a cute little purse with subtle makeup on would keep distractions out. You are the focus, remember.

For the guys, make your look a tease. Don’t button all the way up. It’s not choking season (at least not at the restaurant). Ditch the red bowties, or any color for that matter. Step out looking ruggedly handsome. Remember to include the right fragrance in the accessory mix on your neckline. Patent shoes or any other sleek ones would be perfect. Also don’t go overboard with grooming. Remember, a little rugged, keeps the charm on a hunnid.

In case you are going to be one of the winners of our Valentine’s day treat, make sure you keep these tips in mind. 

As for those of you who are still looking to get a special someone a last minute gift, OList is here to the rescue. A car won’t be a bad choice for a gift, you know – For the Sake of Love. You are welcome.


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