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Ecstasy 1.0 Party

Are you a student of the University Of Lagos? Why am I asking? Well…… It’s about to go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Friday, March 6, 2020 the biggest and baddest party in University of Lagos will go down; ECSTASY 1.0 Party will take place at the University’s UBA Park.

ecstasy party

ECSTASY 1.0, being the first of its kind, is an event to welcome freshmen and returning students to the prestigious University. It is an event which is scheduled to hold within the premises of the university.

Ecstasy party is brought to you by your very own OList and the Faculty of Education, Unilag. The Faculty of Education is the largest faculty in the University, this means that plenty fresh guys and babes go dey wella, as well as other students from other faculties of the University of Lagos.

Come and party until you can’t shake anymore, eat as much as you like with unlimited drinks just for you. And Yes, the part you have been waiting to read; Ecstasy party is totally FREE. Just make sure you have the OList App downloaded on your phone to have access to the party, food and drinks.
If you do not have the OList App, I suggest you download it now by clicking HERE

Steps to get your ticket for Ecstasy 1.0 Party

Step 1

Download the OList App (if you haven’t). Click HERE to download

Step 2

Register on OList (if you haven’t).
Visit OList or use the OList app you just downloaded

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Step 3 (For Students & Graduates of Unilag)

  • Register as a student (under graduate) or graduate (completed education / post-graduate) on the OList App.
  • Click on your profile
profile page
  • Complete your profile by choosing your University, Degree and Year
complete profile for ecstasy access
  • Click on the banner to enter OList Unilag Campus Version

Step 4 (Ecstasy Party)

TURN UP!!!! Show up at the Ecstasy 1.0 Party with your phone and OList App.

I told you it was totally FREE didn’t I? See you on Friday, March 6

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