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Data Analytics Is All You Need

It will be ethically unfair to deny the importance and usefulness of data in this 21st century generation . Not just data, but the analytics of them as well.

Back in the day, our parents sang about a few careers like medicine, engineering, law and accountancy. As a result, we were only predisposed to some sets of careers

But if they noticed you didn’t like reading, they would then suggest a vocation. Vocations such as tailoring, carpentry, being a mechanic, welding among others.

Now, the apparent truth about this career coercion by our parents is that many lives have been misdirected. Our Nigerian parents forgot to ask us about our passion and ignored the data-set of our best skills in childhood.

The Importance of Data Analytics

In the labour market, career progression is not based on the degree of an employee anymore. It is now more on solving major challenges of whatever organisation they work for.

Organisations want personnel who have the skill-set to solve and achieve their goals and vision. To be honest, most of these challenges are data driven problems.

What Even Is Data Analytics?

To solve data driven problems, skillful data analysts and scientists are necessary. A data analyst is one who can gather proper data and analyze with clarity and reform. A data analyst must also re-validate, review, transform and transpose data. This isn’t mere information in an organisation but intelligent information for progressive decision-making.

For instance, some organisations don’t want to increase turn over without proper visualisation of the outcome of such a decision. It takes data analytics to make such visualisations. 

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica saga is a classic example of the power data wields. A survey data for an academic work found a way to the Data Analyst of Donald Trump’s campaign. President Donald Trump used the data as a strategy to win the 2016 United States of America elections.

A data analyst must be able to make the best of BIG DATA. He or she must be able to reform it to BOLD DATA and then transform it to BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. Business intelligence being information worthy of managerial strategy, that will increase profit, which is the goal of many organisations.

The Way Forward

I recommend that youths, schools, churches, mosques, profit and nonprofit organizations, embrace data as the new source of information. Information for any decision either as a team or an individual. Furthermore, they should get skilled in data analytics, data mining, data science, business intelligence, data visualization and many more.

In fact, a lot of people say data is the new oil, and I agree. If oil is food for the economy, data is the staple for the knowledge industry- An industry you can’t do without. 

My people!! I implore you to key into the data analytics industry, it’s paying bills everywhere in the world.

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