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    Tips for Buying Nigerian Used Cars in 2020

    Buying a car, especially a first car can be such a challenging task with so many factors to consider. Buying a used Nigerian car requires lots of thought and careful planning. Being equipped with the right information can be very profitable when buying Nigerian used cars.  Buying used cars online requires additional steps to ensure that you are getting the best deal and are not being overcharged. A used car is a vehicle that has been driven and owned by someone else. The price of used cars in Nigeria varies according to their manufacture year, brand, mileage, engine and how neat the car is in general. A good used car…

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    Review Of Samsung S20

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 isn’t the front line of Samsung’s S20 because we still got S20+ but it’s still a powerful phone with an ergonomic and attractive design, and the introduction of new features like 5G, the 120Hz display, and upgraded rear cameras make it an outstanding handset in its own right. With a long-lasting battery, super-smooth display and a premium build, the S20 is still one of the best Android phones around. The Amazing Facts about the phone A truly fantastic display Strong camera performance Lots of power and 5G-ready The Major flaws That Need Change Price is higher, especially because of the 5G An erratic and slow fingerprint…

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    Laptop Users: Tips to consider When Using and Buying Laptop in Nigeria

    Laptop usage follows suit after that of phones as the most used tech gadget in Nigeria. For most gadget lovers,  having a phone and laptop is a must. There are many challenges in getting a laptop in Nigeria, so many factors need to be considered during the process. Finance If you no get money, hide your face. It’s best you work with your budget rather than showing face for what you cannot afford. It’s not a do or die affair to use the latest pro macbook, acer or Hp is not bad either. So, go ahead and work with your budget Laptop Operating System Popularly called the OS. There are…

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    Smartphone Brands : Top 5 Smartphone Brands In Nigeria

    Do you know what the most used tech gadget in the world is? If the gadget that comes to your mind is the smartphone, you are very correct. For users, the most important criteria for choosing phones is the brand and price of the smartphone. However, most Nigerian buyers buy based on the brand. The reasons why the Nigerian market likes popular brands is because they trust their functionality, price and product categories. Also, there’s accessories and class distinction strata- na me get money pass swags. I will be talking about the most used and trusted brands in the Nigerian market. Some brands are majorly for the Nigerian market. Others…

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    Phone Shopping? Tips On Buying Used Mobile Devices

    In recent times, keeping up with phone technology updates has become interesting but rather money consuming. However, there is always a way through all this to reduce the financial burden attached to getting updates such as getting UK or London used phones. Most times, these used phones are like new phones in terms of physical features and systematic functions. If your budget is not close to the price of a new phone, a UK used phone as it is popularly called is a perfect match. I will be guiding you on the perfect way to get a good used phone that would offer the value you desire. These factors will…