• Lagosians is This Your Megacity Here’s 7 Alternatives to The Keke and Okada Ban
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    Lagosians, Is This Your Megacity? Here’s 7 Alternatives to The Keke and Okada Ban

    As we all know, on the 27th of January, the Lagos state government announced a ban on the activities of keke and okada, in 15 of the 57 Local governments and LCDAs. This ban also included bike hailing services and restricted all parties mentioned from plying highways and bridges This ban was effective from the 1st of February, that was yesterday. A promise was made to provide more buses to balance out the transportation handicap, but I guess they’re still on the high seas. Day one of the ban implementation had all of Lagos so sore from trekking around, if you listen closely, over the sounds of what we once…

  • 5 Jobs We're Leaving Behind In 2019
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    5 Jobs We’re Leaving Behind in 2019

    In case you’re yet to get the memo, this is the year 2020, year of the dollar sign, year of the money moves, the start of the decade where we get our money stacked right, so we’re leaving some jobs behind. There’s no sleeping this year, self-doubt has been left in the previous year, we want all the good things we promised ourselves and we’re going to get it. All this talk is big talk, right? You however can’t help but agree with this agenda because no pressure o, but any 90s kid reading this will be kissing age thirty this decade. Remember no pressure o. So, what exactly are…

  • Before You Cancel 2020, Read This
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    Before You Cancel 2020, Read This

    Yes, you read right and no, I’m not in your head but since we’ve all been here and gone through the motions, I sabi as e fit dey go. It’s a new decade and you’re not getting any younger. You probably watched your friends’ 2019 highlight reels and after thinking deeply about your life, you decided to turn the pain to motivation and level up this 2020. Now the much anticipated 2020 is upon us, your immediate plans aren’t clicking and for some strange reason, the normally 72 day-long month of January has taken monkey tail and is almost over, even before you could say ‘new year, new me!’ Or…