• Back to School Safety Tips PostCovid-19 Lockdown
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    3 Back to School Safety Tips Post Coronavirus Lockdown

    Coronavirus pandemic forced the world to take a drastic decision- a lockdown, in order to curtail the spread of the deadly disease. The reality of life slowly returning back to ‘normal’ is upon us especially in the states where the lockdown directive was strict. Recently the lockdown has been eased in various sectors especially with the reopening of the airports and other public places such as restaurants, clubs, worship centres, recreational centres with schools partially reopened for exit students in the secondary schools. The reopening of schools fully has been a major concern for most parents as the need for school children and students to stay safe cannot be overemphasized. …

  • Nigerian used cars for sale
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    Tips for Buying Nigerian Used Cars in 2020

    Buying a car, especially a first car can be such a challenging task with so many factors to consider. Buying a used Nigerian car requires lots of thought and careful planning. Being equipped with the right information can be very profitable when buying Nigerian used cars.  Buying used cars online requires additional steps to ensure that you are getting the best deal and are not being overcharged. A used car is a vehicle that has been driven and owned by someone else. The price of used cars in Nigeria varies according to their manufacture year, brand, mileage, engine and how neat the car is in general. A good used car…

  • The Audacity of Burna Boy
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    The Audacity of This Man; Burna Boy & The Lessons He Teaches

    “Burna Boy can make good music but Burna Boy can’t be a responsible artiste. Burna Boy cannot keep everything within.” These words are a direct quote from Osagie Alonge, a digital media strategist, in 2015 after being asked ‘what do you think about Burna Boy?’ He also outlined why all of the controversy shrouding Damini Ogulu, the aforementioned artiste, would end his career. He added that he couldn’t keep it all together and was well on the path of destruction. This is the year 2020, five years after that statement was made. I do not know your opinion on Oluwaburna as he is fondly called by his fans but we…

  • 10 Tips to Staying Productive
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    10 Tips to Stay Productive at Work and Rising Above the Labour Market Jungle

    Staying productive at work is key because this labour market sphere is a dog eat dog world. You’ve landed a job now; you don’t want to be back out in the ghet-to (ratatata). I mean, gone are the days when job searching was an African Magic horror clip of worn out shoes and terrible looking clothes with a battered envelope stuck underarm. Still, you need skills, connections and the Grace of the Almighty God to land a job and when you now find one? That’s where staying productive comes to play. This way, you complete your tasks, avoid evil eyes from your manager, weave red alerts from the HR’s desk…

  • olist app
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    How To Use The OList App, Now Updated For University Students

    The OList App has been updated to include new features and give even more value. Of the new features, the most noticeable is the special attention given to University students (undergraduates and postgraduates). Right from your profile page, you can see the new banner that directs you to enter the campus section (left image). Next step is for you to click on the banner. This takes you to a new interface specially designed for University students (right image).Now students in Universities can connect, trade and socialize with each other for free. Guess what? You do not need data; not even subscription. That’s the cool thing about OList; no data/subscription needed.…