• Why We All Need to Be Concerned About the Tarkwa Bay Situation
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    Why We All Need to Be Concerned About the Tarkwa Bay Situation

    On Tuesday, the 21st of January, personnel of the Nigerian Navy raided Tarkwa Bay, an artificially sheltered beach in Lagos, acting on orders from the Lagos state government, to forcefully eject residents of the island. According to affected residents, they weren’t given any prior notice. According to reports, the Naval personnel assaulted and shot at residents in the process of the forceful eviction. Word from concerned Lagosians volunteering help, says some children are missing from their families as a result of the displacement. The government in response to outcry from human rights societies, considering that forceful eviction is a violation of the right to dignity, gave cases of pipeline vandalisation…

  • newly added nigerian words
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    Nigerian Words Are Global Now

    For several years now, a lot of Nigerian words as well as and African slang have been used as a mode of communication. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the Oxford dictionary has added twenty-nine words from our African slang to the globally accepted Language. Yes, you can say that again !!! We are getting there! Trust some pidgin Nigerian words were also added.  These are our everyday Nigerian words contributing to this global language called English language. Enjoy!  agric, adj. and n.: “Of, relating to, or used in agriculture; = agricultural adj. Now chiefly West African.” barbing salon, n.: “A barber’s shop.” buka, n.: “A roadside restaurant or street…

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    Write and Win on OTribe – The “Twitter Of Classifieds”

    Do you love to write? Are you the type who is always up at 2AM, writing epistles on Facebook and participating in Twitter wars? Do you own a simple blog or just write for fun? What if I told you that you could win 30,000 Naira from just 1 post? Sounds exciting doesn’t it? OList has launched a new platform called OTribe. To celebrate the launch of OTribe, OList will reward the 10 lucky people with cash prizes just for using OTribe. Amazing isn’t it? I’m sure by now you must be wondering what OTribe is, and how you can be part of the 10 lucky people. Stay with me…

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    OList Out To Make Millionaires With 5 Million Naira Up For Grabs!

    This is the Giveaway of all giveaways as it is sure to blow your mind. At Olist.ng, we are out to make millionaires with our 5 million Naira cash promo. You heard that right! At Olist.ng, we have 5 million Naira set out just for you. To ensure everyone gets a share of this pie, you get a little “thank you” once you register. Next is to grab your next “thank you” once you download the Olist app. Then it gets interesting as the race for the 5 million Naira begins. All you have to do to pile up your “treasure chest” is invite your friends to register and download…

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    OList Free Online Marketplace Launches in Nigeria

    Welcome to OLounge, the official blog of OList.ng. OList is a classified ads listing website and free online marketplace connecting real buyers and real sellers. OList is powered by Opera and was launched in August 2019. OList- Where You Can Buy & Sell Everything Online Recently, Gbenro Dara, the Managing Director of OList and Nigeria’s leading Classifieds and Marketplace expert who is leading OList Nigeria into achieving the goal of being the number one most trusted online marketplace emphasized, “Our mission is to provide value for all our users across different milestones in their lives. Whether it is looking for that dream job, first car, affordable homes, unique fashion items,…