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    Ecstasy 1.0 Party

    Are you a student of the University Of Lagos? Why am I asking? Well…… It’s about to go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On Friday, March 6, 2020 the biggest and baddest party in University of Lagos will go down; ECSTASY 1.0 Party will take place at the University’s UBA Park. ECSTASY 1.0, being the first of its kind, is an event to welcome freshmen and returning students to the prestigious University. It is an event which is scheduled to hold within the premises of the university. Ecstasy party is brought to you by your very own OList and the Faculty of Education, Unilag. The Faculty of Education is the largest faculty in the University,…

  • Style 101
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    Style 101; Why You Need to Be Conscious of Your Work Outfits

    Welcome to style 101 this beautiful Monday. Monday quotes will tell you it’s time to sparkle and shine. I’m here to add more sparkle and shine to you. Another week has started and it’s back to work o’clock. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell that you went through the regular morning motions and then you dressed up before hitting the road, en route work. But pray tell, before you grabbed your outfit for the day, did you actually think before making a selection or you just selected randomly? And expected that the Holy Spirit will minister to you or give you a miraculous makeover? Is that how you…

  • Here's Why You Need Sunscreen
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    Black Don’t Crack, but Here’s Why You Need Sunscreen

    Yes, sunscreen mentality has gotten a Nigerian passport and in fact, a passport to all other 53 nations in Africa and is now here for good. While our dear black skin has proven to be resilient and sworn enemies to looking its age or like what we’ve been through, sunscreen has been revealed to be essential and is not just ‘for oyinbo people’. Why Do We Need Sunscreen? Read Below to Find Out 1. Protection from Deadly Sunrays Well, duh. Have you felt the sun’s heat these days? It’s like Daenarys ascended to that orb and keeps saying to it; ‘dracrys.’ The ozone layer is depleting and with this comes…

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    Don’t Be a Grinch, 5 Mentalities to Bury This Valentine’s

    As we all know, or if you don’t, the Grinch is that despicable Dr. Seuss character who hated Christmas. He eventually stole it but all of this was on account of the fact that he had a small heart. So small, the love and joy that came with Christmastime was too much for him to bear. No, there’s nothing wrong with my calendar, like you, I’m also very much in the month of February. The month of love that brings with it Valentine’s Day… A-ha! You just rolled your eyes. Now do you see what I’m talking about? That’s why this article is for you, you Grinch of Valentine’s. Do…

  • Monday Tips, 5 Ways To Better Your Week
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    Chin Up, It’s Monday; Here’s 5 Ways to Better Your Week

    This Monday, the song I’m obsessed with — 10k by Obongjayar — goes, ‘I wake up every morning and I run. I run. Run for my life. Everything is burning, look around you. You better run. Run for your life.’ If you could hear it, you’d agree with me that it’s a beautiful song but even more beautiful is the resonance it packs. Because in this rat race life, who cannot relate? There might not be a literal fire but we’re always running; to work. To make ends meet. To make time for loved ones. To smash our goals. It’s all a race. These days sef, we’re legging it to…