• Nigerian used cars for sale
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    Tips for Buying Nigerian Used Cars in 2020

    Buying a car, especially a first car can be such a challenging task with so many factors to consider. Buying a used Nigerian car requires lots of thought and careful planning. Being equipped with the right information can be very profitable when buying Nigerian used cars.  Buying used cars online requires additional steps to ensure that you are getting the best deal and are not being overcharged. A used car is a vehicle that has been driven and owned by someone else. The price of used cars in Nigeria varies according to their manufacture year, brand, mileage, engine and how neat the car is in general. A good used car…

  • Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria
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    Coronavirus Pandemic in Nigeria: How to Stay Safe

    The Coronavirus also known as COVID-19, is no child’s play as we can already see although people from this part of this world are yet to feel the heat of the pandemic. Whether we believe it or not, the novel coronavirus pandemic is already in Nigeria and the transmission rate is just alarming. Is the end of the world or what we know as the Apocalypse here already? Time will tell. While other countries like China, Italy, the United States and the UK are on a lock down, it seems like it is still business as usual in Nigeria. Thankfully our government has started bringing the public’s consciousness to the…

  • OLounge olist official blog
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    OLounge The Official Blog of OList- Explore, Discover and Engage 

    What is OLounge? OLounge is the official blog of OList, Nigeria’s trusted free online marketplace and free classifieds ads listing company that connects real sellers and real buyers. OLounge is also an information platform bringing the latest updates beyond OList. Categories on OLounge Blog Everything OList Category Everything OList category on OLounge keeps you up to date with everything happening on OList both online and offline. Whether you are looking for the hottest product deals, the latest job vacancies, cash giveaways, and other activities on OList, then you don’t need to skip this category for any reason. As a seller you are not left out either. Find everything you need…

  • Each for Equal
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    Each for Equal Doesn’t End on March 8, March on with These Pointers

    ‘Each for equal’, is one phrase that was used a lot on Sunday, the 8th of March. This is because it was the International Women’s Day. Originally set aside by European women to protest not being able to vote among several other societal discriminations, it has overtime evolved into what we have now. A day to celebrate entire female gender which is every woman for being and thriving despite the chains that society has bound our feet in. What Even is Each For Equal? The International Women’s Day, is also a day set aside to examine how far the march for equality has come and to highlight the steps to…

  • laptop brands
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    Top 6 Laptop Brands In Nigeria

    The use of Laptops is beyond the features for the average Nigerian user, it is more about the brand. The reason why some laptop brands sell more than others, is majorly because their quality speaks volume. Most popular brands sell more, to be honest some unpopular laptop brands in Nigeria perform well too. After all is said and done let’s talk about the most widely used laptop brands in Nigeria, why users love their quality and what really makes them stand out. Laptop Brands in Nigeria HP Arguably the most popular brand laptop brand in Nigeria and the most used brand. More like out of ten laptop users in a…