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    How To Use The OList App, Now Updated For University Students

    The OList App has been updated to include new features and give even more value. Of the new features, the most noticeable is the special attention given to University students (undergraduates and postgraduates). Right from your profile page, you can see the new banner that directs you to enter the campus section (left image). Next step is for you to click on the banner. This takes you to a new interface specially designed for University students (right image).Now students in Universities can connect, trade and socialize with each other for free. Guess what? You do not need data; not even subscription. That’s the cool thing about OList; no data/subscription needed.…

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    Ecstasy 1.0 Party

    Are you a student of the University Of Lagos? Why am I asking? Well…… It’s about to go down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On Friday, March 6, 2020 the biggest and baddest party in University of Lagos will go down; ECSTASY 1.0 Party will take place at the University’s UBA Park. ECSTASY 1.0, being the first of its kind, is an event to welcome freshmen and returning students to the prestigious University. It is an event which is scheduled to hold within the premises of the university. Ecstasy party is brought to you by your very own OList and the Faculty of Education, Unilag. The Faculty of Education is the largest faculty in the University,…

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    Smartphone Brands : Top 5 Smartphone Brands In Nigeria

    Do you know what the most used tech gadget in the world is? If the gadget that comes to your mind is the smartphone, you are very correct. For users, the most important criteria for choosing phones is the brand and price of the smartphone. However, most Nigerian buyers buy based on the brand. The reasons why the Nigerian market likes popular brands is because they trust their functionality, price and product categories. Also, there’s accessories and class distinction strata- na me get money pass swags. I will be talking about the most used and trusted brands in the Nigerian market. Some brands are majorly for the Nigerian market. Others…

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    Sellers, Get into Formation! Sell Your Market on OList Without Data Subscription

    Dear OList seller, if you heard about the OList shop till you drop offer and were beginning to get jealous, we’re here to tell you two things: First thing: cool your mind. And secondly, OList dey for you because now you can sell on OList with zero data! Now is that great or is that GREAT? And all you have to do is grab your Airtel and MTN sim and get selling on OList! Are you ready? CLICK HERE to start selling online on OList for free with 0MB  How to Sell on OList for Free with Airtel and MTN Step 1: Become a verified seller on OList, the giant…

  • For The Sake Of Love, Look Peng
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    For The Sake Of Love, Look Peng.

    Sparkling crystals, streets littered in Red. No need for a viewer’s discretion alert, it’s for the sake of Love. Perhaps, a viewer’s discretion alert would be appropriate by the ones who wield state powers or a make-shift NGO can be curated for the purpose of this alert, because the red is, in fact, blinding.  The sight aside, love is beautiful and we are here for it! We are also here with the timely tips on how not to go overboard with your ‘Vals day’ get-up.  Don’t go for the overkill. It always ends in tears. We mean the red on red on red on red (the grammar is deliberate) Haba!…