• Style 101
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    Style 101; Why You Need to Be Conscious of Your Work Outfits

    Welcome to style 101 this beautiful Monday. Monday quotes will tell you it’s time to sparkle and shine. I’m here to add more sparkle and shine to you. Another week has started and it’s back to work o’clock. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to tell that you went through the regular morning motions and then you dressed up before hitting the road, en route work. But pray tell, before you grabbed your outfit for the day, did you actually think before making a selection or you just selected randomly? And expected that the Holy Spirit will minister to you or give you a miraculous makeover? Is that how you…

  • Monday Tips, 5 Ways To Better Your Week
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    Chin Up, It’s Monday; Here’s 5 Ways to Better Your Week

    This Monday, the song I’m obsessed with — 10k by Obongjayar — goes, ‘I wake up every morning and I run. I run. Run for my life. Everything is burning, look around you. You better run. Run for your life.’ If you could hear it, you’d agree with me that it’s a beautiful song but even more beautiful is the resonance it packs. Because in this rat race life, who cannot relate? There might not be a literal fire but we’re always running; to work. To make ends meet. To make time for loved ones. To smash our goals. It’s all a race. These days sef, we’re legging it to…

  • data analytics
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    Data Analytics Is All You Need

    It will be ethically unfair to deny the importance and usefulness of data in this 21st century generation . Not just data, but the analytics of them as well. Back in the day, our parents sang about a few careers like medicine, engineering, law and accountancy. As a result, we were only predisposed to some sets of careers.  But if they noticed you didn’t like reading, they would then suggest a vocation. Vocations such as tailoring, carpentry, being a mechanic, welding among others. Now, the apparent truth about this career coercion by our parents is that many lives have been misdirected. Our Nigerian parents forgot to ask us about our…

  • 5 Jobs We're Leaving Behind In 2019
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    5 Jobs We’re Leaving Behind in 2019

    In case you’re yet to get the memo, this is the year 2020, year of the dollar sign, year of the money moves, the start of the decade where we get our money stacked right, so we’re leaving some jobs behind. There’s no sleeping this year, self-doubt has been left in the previous year, we want all the good things we promised ourselves and we’re going to get it. All this talk is big talk, right? You however can’t help but agree with this agenda because no pressure o, but any 90s kid reading this will be kissing age thirty this decade. Remember no pressure o. So, what exactly are…