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OList Cash Giveaway Is Here Again

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Imagine waking up to an alert of 10,000 Naira. Anyone who has woken up to a credit alert knows how great the feeling is. Better still, imagine waking up to an alert for money you didn’t even have to work for. I don’t know about you, but that puts me in a happy mood all day long. This is exactly what OList is doing this January – making people wake up from their sleeps with a smiles on their faces to the OList Cash Giveaway credit alerts.

By now, you may be lost and wondering what exactly is OList doing that’s putting smiles on faces. Just like the last giveaway where OList had up to 5 Million Naira to give out, here is another OList Giveaway! Every week this month, OList is giving 10,000 Naira cash. Yes, every week! Would you like to be one of the lucky winners? Then keep reading as I guide you on how to participate in this giveaway and cash out with ease.

OList Cash Giveaway Is Here Again

Getting Started

Click to register for the OList giveaway and generate your unique link.

Fill in your details in the appropriate places and click the register button to generate your unique code

Copy your unique link

Open your whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, twitter and all the social networks you are on. Trust me, if you are on 10 social networks, then open them all!

Share your link on your social networks, with your friends and of course also share with your family.

Make sure you convince them to click on the link and support you by also registering.

The more people that support you, the more you rank higher. At the end of each week, the person with the most supports get 10,000 Naira. And that’s it. Simple right? So why are you still reading this post when you should be claiming your 10,000 Naira?!

Once again, this is the link – OList Giveaway. Become one of the lucky winners, go ahead visit the link and enjoy some cool cash this January!

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