Before You Cancel 2020, Read This
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Before You Cancel 2020, Read This

Yes, you read right and no, I’m not in your head but since we’ve all been here and gone through the motions, I sabi as e fit dey go. It’s a new decade and you’re not getting any younger. You probably watched your friends’ 2019 highlight reels and after thinking deeply about your life, you decided to turn the pain to motivation and level up this 2020.

Now the much anticipated 2020 is upon us, your immediate plans aren’t clicking and for some strange reason, the normally 72 day-long month of January has taken monkey tail and is almost over, even before you could say ‘new year, new me!’ Or ‘these are my new year resolutions.’

All of these, can lead to a whole lot of panic, anxiety and second guessing and you’re probably reconsidering 2020 being your year. First of all, calm down. Second of all, calm down, and read these tips:

1. Calm down: Yes, this again; staying calm is super important as it is a calm head that get things in motion and done well.

So, stop rushing yourself because you’ll only end up taking yourself on mental journeys that will wear you out. You’re not quite where you want to be, but you’re not stagnant either.

before you cancel 2020

Making plans and facing setbacks is a process and the process is the process, it must collect its due, my friend.

2. Reaffirm Your Greatness: if this means watching ‘The Help’ and saying “You is kind, you is smart, you is important,” out loud, along with Viola Davis, by all means do.

Also, if it means saying your full oriki to your reflection and speaking to yourself, go right ahead.

Remember, you’ve been there for yourself in ways no one could, you’ve brought yourself so far, despite challenges and setbacks you’ve faced and you will still do more!

3. Write Down Your Goals: but don’t just write them down — expatiate on steps you need to take and things you need to do.

Afterwards, prioritise your goals and tackle them, one after the other by ensuring that everyday, you do something, no matter how little, to complete the current goal. Yes, baby steps does it.

4. Be Accountable: check up on your plans, evaluate them and the actions you’re taking towards completing them. The best way to do this? Getting an accountability partner.

This partner could be your best friend, boy or girlfriend, sibling, just someone you’re really close to and can share your innermost thoughts with. Someone who refreshes you and motivates you when this life does you dirty but doesn’t fail to call you out whenever you err. Now that’s an accountability partner.

5. Have Faith: you’ve set all these balls in motion, now isn’t the time to overthink and give up halfway or let negative thoughts cripple the process. Rather, let faith lead you and if there’s fear, let it push you too.

If you’re a religious person, pray, believe in yourself and get to work.

before you cancel 2020

In the words of a wiseman, aka Salem Kinging, a video creator, “Don’t expect 2020 to give you everything, but give it everything.” So, don’t cancel it, not now, not ever, but just keep moving. Mafo, the forces shall be with you.

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