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Another Nightmare For Blackberry

It is no news that a lot of Nigerians have moved on from the popular brand– BlackBerry. Although they did not pack up, the popularity of the iOS and Android, coupled with their lack of innovative products, greatly affected their sales. 

After a rethink of their licensing deal with Telephone Communication Limited (TLC) – a partially state-owned Chinese electronics multinational, they signed a deal which made TCL the licensed manufacturer of blackberry products in 2016 till date.

The deal is about to sink as TCL recently announced that they won’t be manufacturing BlackBerry phones again by August 2020. Who knows? This just might be the end of BlackBerry. Maybe till eternity, only God knows.

I’ll recommend a deal with either Samsung or Apple maybe they’ll recover, considering their revenue decline from $86 million to $23 million. 


Rumor has it that TCL will manufacture their own phones aside from Palm which is in progress. Signing out of the deal will give them the opportunity to focus on their brand. Although this rumor hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

TCL however recently affirmed its support to BlackBerry existing products till 2022. 

Wow! How have the mighty fallen? Those days blackberry was the vogue phone. The likes of Bold 6, Bold 5, Curve 10, the popular Q10 model and the flip phones were proof of class. They even went as far as doing a mixed operation system popularly called OS with Android OS, their market never still normal.

Can somebody please save blackberry from this nightmare before it becomes a wrecking ball saga!!

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