5 Jobs We're Leaving Behind In 2019
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5 Jobs We’re Leaving Behind in 2019

In case you’re yet to get the memo, this is the year 2020, year of the dollar sign, year of the money moves, the start of the decade where we get our money stacked right, so we’re leaving some jobs behind. There’s no sleeping this year, self-doubt has been left in the previous year, we want all the good things we promised ourselves and we’re going to get it.

All this talk is big talk, right? You however can’t help but agree with this agenda because no pressure o, but any 90s kid reading this will be kissing age thirty this decade. Remember no pressure o.

So, what exactly are some of these steps to take on our money-making journey? It’s a lot but a major one is to get the right jobs, either freelancing, full time or side hustle, and the right jobs only.

We’ll be leaving certain jobs starting NOW, so take that right step and read about these jobs here;

1. Jobs that ‘Pay in Exposure’: because hello, eskiss ma/sir, did your parents pay your school fees with exposure or with naira? Exactly.

The border has been closed since last year, foodstuff has gotten costlier, don’t let anyone visit starvation on you in the name of exposure o. Tell them to sanwo pe!

And if you must collect your coins in exposure, make sure the terms are well stated and that it also is from a serious brand so you wouldn’t be ashamed to mention them in your CV.

2. Jobs That Don’t Pay Adequately: you commute daily or periodically on the job and pay your transport fare in full for a job that is discounting your worth? No, no, no honey, what is you doing?

What you’re going to do is go through the right channel, to demand for a pay that is commensurate to what you bring to the table. And if your demands are unmet? Time to japa. Simple.

3. Jobs That Pay in Emotional Attachment: aww, your boss is nice, aw. When he/she scores a deal, they give you something for the weekend or a little gift, aww, nicer yet. But you’re overworked and underpaid? Hold it right there.

Is it a family business? Were you leased out or are you under some covenant? If it’s neither of the three or nothing quite like that, my advice is simple; evaluate your progress since you got the job – what have you learned and gained? What more do you stand to gain from the job? Does the job seem to hold any promise that will yield in time?

It’s one thing to have faith in another man’s venture, it’s another thing to keep having that faith because in such a situation, you’ll not only get too comfortable and let opportunities pass you by, but by the time you awake from your ‘my boss is nice’ slumber, you’d be stuck in a rut. And who will you have to blame?

So, set a time limit for yourself and that job, if things don’t pan out, it’s time to kiss your boss goodbye. The story of Ruth wasn’t based on the labour market, sorry.

If you’re religious, pray about it too and get advice from on high.

4. Jobs we Were Pressured into Taking: okay na your guy bah? He no too get bar but he no fit sly you abi? Alaye jara e!

When it comes to friends and family, rendering services for them will always be dicey, but like that Bible quote, there’s a time for everything; a time to accept all those jobs for nothing or next to it. There’s also a time to realise you can no longer sell yourself cheap, regardless of who’s asking. Put your foot down and make your demands. The saying that says not to mix business with pleasure isn’t okoto meow, my g, it was said for a reason.

If the loved one can truly not afford your services, let them meet you halfway or cut their coat according to their size.

If it’s something that you can do without hurting your business’ reputation, your time and your resources, you can come through. Else, chalk it up to one of those jobs we’re leaving behind.

If it’s a long-term deal, make sure there’s a binding contract. Blood is thicker than water but money at times clogs the flow.

5. Toxic jobs: simply being a Nigerian, navigating the Nigerian labour market is already tough enough, no one needs a toxic job in addition to that.

Jobs can be toxic in different ways., they’re definitely jobs we’re leaving this year o. There’s the situation where your boss is a dragon, overworks and underpays staff with hit records of complaints after complaints. They would also not forget to mention that they don’t owe salaries, so you’d better be grateful.

Then there’s the ones that don’t pay on time or straight up don’t pay. If they don’t use kindness to smother you, they’ll employ the fear tactic and fire the most vocal staff.

There’s the one where all your hard work is undermined, so you occupy the same position till Jesus comes.

It’s a lot really but you know what you’re going to do? You’re gonna gonna dust your battered ego, pocket your fears, shoot your shot at all the better and available places and say to that workplace ‘e go be.’ It’s 2020 abeg, leave toxic jobs for toxic people.

That’s all folks. Yes, the road to money making is long and hard, the struggle ‘is plenty’ but the money is plenty too. Let’s say ‘bye bye’ to yeye jobs because we’re leaving them in 2019. Keep your chin up and don’t let the rat race tire you. 


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